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Old Homestead Alpacas

Alpaca fiber headband

Alpaca fiber headband

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Don't like how ya look in a hat? 

Just need a touch of warmth?

Wanna preserve that perfect pony tail? 

This alpaca headband was made for you! 

Abandoned at birth by his mama, Hammie had a rough start in this world.

But 31 days of bottle feeding by yours truly, and with the help of his BFFs, Bernie & Earl, they all rallied — he’s now a strong, 2 year old fella to this day! 

The white yarn in each headband comes from Hammie & Co. 

This is the first Collection where Hammie & Co’s fiber was used, so I had to do something extra special. Our first ever two color garment! 

The contrasting black yarn is courtesy of Indy & Mario. 

One size fits most. 

Made in the USA.


Elaine Vandiver is the farmer and shepherdess at Old Homestead Alpacas, a 10-acre historic homestead located in Walla Walla, Washington. She raises a herd of suri alpaca, and grows heirloom pigment-bearing plants to dye their fiber goods. With each annual fiber harvest, Elaine creates a Harvest Knitwear Collection of hats, scarves, mittens and more. These natural fiber and natural color garments are functional, durable wardrobe staples and are oh-so-soft!

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