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Gathered Wellness

Elderberry Syrup Wellness Packets

Elderberry Syrup Wellness Packets

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Our packets contain organic elderberries and a proprietary blend of organic spices and herbs that have been studied and found to be helpful in building the immune system and aiding in health. Making the contents of this packet is about as simple as making macaroni and cheese from a box, so no worries if cooking isn't exactly your forte. 

Elderberry Syrup is a natural remedy that has been used for such a long time to keep families healthy and boost the immune system to help avoid sickness when used as a daily preventative. My family likes to use it one week on, one week off to gently boost our immunity. But it also helps the body recover quickly when used against pesky colds and flus. It is high in vitamins a, c, k & potassium. Anti-inflammatory properties, anti-viral properties, anti-cancer properties and can help relieve nasal congestion and can help with constipation. 

Best of all, it's perfect for the whole family from age 1-100 (raw honey is not recommended for children under the age of one.) It's a sweet natural syrup that works so well, and your kids will always ask for more special syrup. Once prepared, the syrup is good for 6-8 weeks in the fridge.

3 sizes are available for purchase: Small packet makes 16oz of syrup, Regular packet makes 32oz, and a large packet makes 64oz (wellness in bulk at home).

Prices start at $15.00


Gathered Wellness is a mother/daughter owned business Gathering Wellness in dry packets for families to create wellness in there own homes. Our business is family focused on learning and understanding nature's medicine cabinet. Formed in 2022 we are quickly expanding our products and pulling from our lineage, and modern day herbalism.

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