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Aurora Heat, Inc.

Reusable Hand Warmers

Reusable Hand Warmers

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Don’t let the cold bother you any longer. These hand warmers will drastically increase the warmth and comfort of your mitts, gloves, and pockets! Keep your spirits high this winter by avoiding painfully-numb fingers with Dënesųłiné traditional warmth. These will be the cozy addition to your everyday fall/winter lifestyle, year after year.

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Brenda Dragon is the president and founder of Aurora Heat, Inc. Her company makes Canada's most loved reusable hand, foot and body warmers made of the warmest and softest Sheared Beaver fur. Founded in 2015, Aurora Heat is 100% Indigenous owned and based in Fort Smith in the Northwest Territories. They are making a big impact, replacing disposable and battery operated warmers with wild fur for warmth. From wrist warmers to breast warmers, you will never have to feel the shivers from cold again!

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