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Kestrel Ridge Pellet Company

Wool Pellets

Wool Pellets

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Our keystone product is pelletized sheep wool to be used as a renewable, all-natural plant soil amendment/fertilizer.

In soil, wool pellets:

  • Slowly release nitrogen for plant use
  • Hold more than 3 times their weight in water to help reduce the frequency you need to water
  • Biodegrade in soil in ~6 months

Our wool is 100% locally sourced from a sheep shearing crew right down the road from us which reduces our carbon footprint associated with transportation. We also use compostable packaging to keep our product as eco-friendly as possible.

Instructions for use:

  • The 1 pound bag is good for 2-3 potted plants, indoor or outdoor (see guideline in pictures)
  • The 3 pound bag is good for a small raised garden bed (2' x 4') or 3-4 potted plants

Contact us if you're looking for a larger amount of wool pellets, we can coordinate local pick up or delivery! 


Megan Landes-Murphy is the owner and founder of Kestrel Ridge Pellet Company in south central Nebraska. Her business turns "waste" sheep wool, that can't be made into clothing or yarn, into pellets to be used as a sustainable, all-natural soil amendment and fertilizer for your garden and house plants. When mixed into your soil, wool pellets slowly release nitrogen, reduce how frequently you need to water, and biodegrade in about 6 months. Only available for purchase in the USA.


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